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 Nursed Back to Health
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Hospitals aren't great places. The idea is great, sure, no disagreement there, but in practice, they're great big bubbles of despair and pain and cold, clinical reality. They're not places to linger in, not if you have much choice anyway. But they do have their good points. Anyone in a white coat and scrubs can walk around with purpose and not be questioned at all.
Which, in his current state, Gabriel is using to his advantage. Hoarding whatever power he has left could have got him into Sam's room, but it wouldn't have got him out, never mind had helped Sam any. He could wander in with a different face, one that matches the ID badge stuck to his pocket, but that would be just as draining. It's better to use it sparingly.
After all, he's going to need all he's got. 
The corridors all look the same, which is normal for a hospital. But he knows exactly where Sam is- the unpleasant burning energy of the Trials is like a thumping, humming scar across his senses. He can't feel Sam within that mess, but that's why Dean's so worried. What little there is of Sam is barely holding on. Humans don't normally survive multiple organ failures, after all. It's just a testament to how special Sam is that he's still clinging on at all. 
He lingers a moment, but he knows Dean and Castiel are somewhere else. What's more important than Sam right now is beyond him, but not having to go through those blockheads first makes this all the easier.
He's flicking through the bits of paper on his clipboard as he steps into the room, making a soft noise in the back of his throat.

"No, no. It doesn't look good at all. He's too tall to live. Maybe if we cut him down at the knees, he'd have a chance. Nurse, fetch me the saw-"
And that's when he looks up. 
He should have been better prepared for it. He should have schooled himself for the fact that Sam had nearly killed himself, that he still might succeed in that. The man in the bed looks as sick as they come, and for one moment, one terrifying moment, Gabriel isn't sure he can help. 
"Oh shit Sam."

That's probably not the best way to say hi after all this time. It's probably not enough to install any confidence either, but after all those times he'd poisoned, squashed, shot, electrocuted or run over Dean, he'd never, ever, seen Sam looking like this. 


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